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Welcome to my studio for 'healing the world,' 

This site is designed to advance the wide field of spiritual and scientific, alternate healing, socially, politically, economically, and also romantically. In this universal context the site is the more-widely focused counterpart of the Christian Science exploration website:  which is more specifically focused on a wide range of pioneering aspects discovered in Christian Science that are generally largely unknown, but are crucial to healing the world. 

There are over 10,000 pages and images presented on this website, divided into four specific studios:

My "book publishing studio" presents a series of novels and research books on the Principle of Universal Love and Universal Marriage, in support of the healing of the world for a new renaissance, with topics like nuclear war, global warming, depopulation, empire, economic collapse, the coming Ice Age, nuclear fusion power, the electric sun, free universal housing, free energy, floating agriculture, and intercontinental floating bridges, and revolutionary social concepts.

My "healing Christian Science" studio 'Sojourner Truth' is designed to uplift the face of Christian Science, developed by Mary Baker Eddy from 1866-1910, into the modern world as the historically most extensively proven system for scientific metaphysical healing, as well as the most revolutionary of its kind, and the most obscured at the same time. I have included this studio because its science originated in the only major period of peace in the world from the Golden Renaissance to the present.

My "healing our civilization" studio 'Campaign Index 2010' is designed to heal the politics of our world, our economics, our science, even our 'history.' The focus for healing includes such topics as power systems, NASA, NAWAPA, physical science, economic science, climate delusions, ice age preparations, space exploration, nuclear power, liberating politics, LaRouche concepts, Glass Steagall.

My "studio extraordinaire" combines both 'the big, the ugly, and the beautiful' with topics, such as building intercontinental floating bridges, the climate hoax objectives, and the beauty of our electrically powered Universe, and poetry, photography, and my earlier articles on a variety of related subjects.

It is my hope that is this extensive contribution of 30 years of work will help in some degree to making our world a brighter place for all mankind.



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